Been listening to Fiona Apple's *new* CD "Extraordinary Machine". Apparently I download a leaked unreleased version that Jon Brion produced. Compared to the released version I think I like it better, but I might change my mind.

Ladies and gentleman, we're back in business! I've finally decided to recommit myself to posting my increasingly interesting thoughts here. God I'm awesome. And interesting. Stay tuned.

I loooove photos posted on the internet of highschool/college aged middle class white girls with the caption "YOU KNOW HOW WE DO!!!". Examples: 1 2 3

These cats are in Spin every edition! Do they live up to the hype?

Also, new Built To Spill record next spring. Yay!

The project I'm working on for class is going tremendously well. It has turned into a SUBMARINE ADVENTURE!!!! Still a lot of work to do, but I'll post it up soon.

A few things that would rate high on my cliche-o-meter would be CDs or Playlists titled "PUMP UP MIX!!!" or "Sleep Mix".

My biggest trouble with Internet Explorer is that the scrollbar on the right hand side isn't flush with the right side of the monitor. When you maximize the window, if you move the mouse all the way to the right in order to scroll through a page, you won't be able to, you have to move a couple pixels to the left in order to click on the scrollbar. Minute detail? Yes. Significant problem? For me, yes.

I recently found that our server was set to limit the file size uploaded by users, which was causing a lot of problems with projects I've been working on. This said, I think that I will be able to complete one or two projects that I've been struggling with. Yay.

I've got a big programming project due tommorrow at 2p.m. It's supposed to be a interactive 3D environment. I don't think it will be too bad, since I've sort of been working with it on and off. However, I'm still frustrated at how I'll have to rush it. Hopefully I'll document the progress here. has a copious amount of content as far as stand up comedians go. Check out his videos section - Scene 2 of Dave Attell Insomniac Tour. Not the most brilliant stand up, but quite energetic and funny.

DJ Riko is a mash-up DJ. I downloaded one of his CDs last week and had mixed feelings. However, after listening to it off and on the past week a couple of the tracks have really grown on me. Download the .rar file of the whole cd here.

If you brush your teeth with Crest toothpaste, then drink red gatorade 10 minutes later, it tastes very similar to watered down orange juice.

Karen reminded me about Egon Schiele recently, an artist she told me about this past summer. I think he is tremendous and he has inspired me greatly the past few days. Here is a link to a ton of his work.

I think if someone gave me a copy of Madagascar I would take it as an insult rather than to stanrdard joy felt when receiving a gift. Something about that movie did not rub me the right way. The penguins were pretty funny though.

I might need to investigate the origin of them, but high-fives given by geeks seem really ironic to me. (As I am posting this entry from my Sidekick into a blog I coded myself from scratch, I think I am alright saying that). I think they/we should make up a new co-operative hand gesture to express our excitement.

I wonder which is worse. Ignorance or indifference.

Close != Clothes

I think if you want to get good at something, no matter what it is, you have to do it everyday. I guess that's pretty obvious... haha. Nevermind.

I like how the movie Magnolia uses music.

The textbook buyback is the collegiate form of sucking dick for crack money.

I have flown Independance air a lot in the past two years and took the excellent service/flight experience for granted until today. I'm flying home on Northwest Airlines and the whole thing has been an annoying ordeal.

All books are not intellectual.

I think the way hip-hop artists honor their dead peers at basically every performance is really awesome and admirable.

I hung out with two guys (Isaac and Matt) tonight and we looked through this website of Matt's friend. Solid gold. Link.

I'm not sure if I ever posted a link to this realllly awesome animation ever, but just in case. Click Here!

Northwest Airlines gave me two 5-minute phone cards for missing my connecting flight. In an age when everyone and their mom (even mine as of a few months ago) these do me absolutely no good. They really need to update this outdated compensation.

Ex-co-worker still-friend David Cho put a link to this here website on his Blog, which he updates a lot. It's sort of like a diet pop culture blog with a few "serious" posts thrown in every so often. P.S. David, you should consider setting your index of to display your content rather than redirecting, otherwise you'll always just be

Totally sweet 35mm camera made out of legos here.

AOL has a pretty good collection of music videos, with a pretty nice navigation system. Check it out here. Only works for IE on PCs, I'm not sure about Macs. Also a few ads every few videos.

A few years late on my part, I've been listening to The Distillers. My sister put one of their songs on a CD she made me and it quickly topped my most played. I just really like her voice.

Dannon "Fruit On The Bottom" yogurt has ceased putting the plastic lids on top of the container. They've had a message warning of this drastic change for the past couple months, however today was the first day I have bought a yogurt without the plastic top.

So this "blog" is mainly for me to keep track of really awesome things I find on the internet and random unpersonal thoughts I have. I also think it's good to share such things with others in hopes that they might do the same. Anyway, this post is about a "comic" I found a long time ago and recently rediscovered. It's by the artist David Choe, not to be confused with The David Cho, and it is pretty vulgar. It is about very sexually explicit material, and I only post it because some twisted part of me deep down inside thinks it's hysterical and want to keep a tab on it so I can stumble across it later down the road. ENOUGH! Here it is: Pisstorm.

One of my classes is mixed with both deaf and hearing students. The particular professor tends to throw in a vulgar word every now and then to keep things interesting. I wasn't sure if the translator was signing them, but I noticed today that they were, which is good.

A CIA operative trained in handwriting analysis is discharged due to unorthodox maneuvers. She moves to some small mundane central US town and becomes a grade school math teacher. Using her training she is able to determine if the children actually do their work or simply copy it out of the back of the book. Forced to actually learn, the kids are quickly revealed to, with the exception of young Marcus Sniggerbottom, all be exceptionally bright mathematicians. Together they form a group to take part in math competitions and quickly excel to the national level. Under the guidance of their teacher, the group utilize their public recognition and mathematical genius to solve the case she was originally discharged from! is an interesting idea. I bet there are other sites like this. I wish it was more graphical though.

When someone says they'll watch over somebody's __________, I wonder to what extent the average citizen would go to in order to ensure the safe keeping of that thing.

Amazing! I love the double fist guy. So well organized!

From the article "There Is No God":

"Believing there's no God means I can't really be forgiven except by kindness and faulty memories. That's good; it makes me want to be more thoughtful. I have to try to treat people right the first time around."

-Penn Jillette

The "Heard 'Em Say" video is out. And although the first time through I was left a little let down. I watched it a few more times today and noticed a few things that made me smile, and I think it's growing on me. I thing the cardboard "house" in the very beginning is great and I loved the kids jumping across the mattress piano keys. With a little imagination I think you can turn this video into what it was intended to be.'s Goods Section has a really cool interface for buying their t-shirts. You drag them down into the bar at the bottom, and drag them out if you've change your mind. Sort of like the OSX dock. I played with it for a good five minutes.

Can't get enough of the Comedians of Comedy.

It baffles me how a company as big as Microsoft can have loopholes in their activation process that are really simple to exploit. I guess with deadlines and such a huge undertaking they can slip by. Then again, maybe someone intentionally snuck it in?

This video game looks incredible. I'd had similar ideas to do a game with hand-drawn graphics. I think they did a great job with it. Can't wait to play.