BLOG ENTRIES - September 2007

From this article:

Interviewer: Is there anything else you wanted to mention before we finish?

Dan Deacon: Well I'm working on the next album, it should be done pretty soon. It won't come out until next year because the entire album will come with handwritten notations for each song so that people can learn all the parts, and on the next tour, we'll meet up with a new musician in each city and play it exactly how it is on the notation.

Hitten by Those Dancing Days
I'm a big sucker for girls who can sing.

017006 by Spencer Casey.

Spencer is a friend of my friend Eric.

(via Jakob)

There is a portable web cam backpack / hat suit at work that Jakob is wearing this weekend as a test for a CollegeHumor thing. Watching it reminds of me of this comic I read called "The Surrogates" where humans control robots to live their lives for them.

I had a dream where I was playing a piano, but after I moved my finger off a key, it would fly off and disappear. I woke up after all but two of the keys were gone. I'm almost sure they were B and C sharp.

Went to this exhibit "Reel to Reel" by Jeff Shore and Jon Fisher this weekend. At first it was overwhelming and confusing, but the longer I was there the more I grasped what was going on.

The set up is a lot of wall mounted instillations that either produce a video feed or an audio feed. The various feeds are combined to create what is projected on a screen in the center of the space.

They're smart.

I'm going to try and upload one pattern and one illustration every week.

I've found that I prefer band's MySpace pages to a real website for only one thing. Immediate access to a sample of their music.

The MySpace music player is almost always in the same place on the page, which helps when you want to hear a band quickly. Sometimes hunting around a band's website for songs can be annoying.

Beyond that, MySpace's only value (to me) is for wasting time, which I try to avoid.