Leo's Song from impactist on Vimeo.

I'm a sucker for unconventional watches and well made products. These fit into both of those categories.

The Salmon Dance (Feat Fatlip) by The Chemical Brothers

I remembered this video when I was doing the Ludafish illustration. So good!

I put together a little website to sell silk screened shirts and prints. Check it out here!

Check out a few of my snapshots from Mardi Gras 2008.

Dig it (mp3)

I got an interesting email from posting that Sam Cooke song:

"Yeah Man" is an important, yet often overlooked song in Sam's catalog. Arthur Conley had to later admit his famous "Sweet Soul Music" is basically the same song and thus give writing credits to my uncle. "Yeah Man" was released after Sam died but the song, along with "Shake" represented a new Soul sound Sam had planned to establish. Good choice of song here.

It's from Sam Cooke's nephew, who wrote a book about his talented relative.

Belated Valentine's card, partially inspired by Sam Cooke - Falling In Love

I bought a little journal that I can carry all the time and draw in while I ride the subway. I've been obsessed lately with a universe where each inhabitant has their own planet. Leaky subconscious!?

Just pushed photographer Brigitte Sire's website live. I finished the programming a little while back, but she has been perfecting the various sets. I've realized how particular professional photographers are about the order of their photos. I admire it greatly.

"She's paid to break your heart." -Brigitte's response to me saying the girl in this photo was beautiful

Shit Disco - OK from Jo Apps on Vimeo.

Animal Pharm t-shirts
Animal Pharm t-shirts
Check it.

Photo of a stand alone porch in a forest
How trippy would sleeping on a big bed in the middle of the woods be? (found on materlialicious)

A letter from Barack Obama to Shepard Fairey
Obama wrote a thank you letter to Shepard Fairey regarding his "Progress" and "Change" posters. I like the idea of a president who is not only aware of but also receptive to the different cultures in our society. Read the letter here.

Crazy, someone sent me a link to this Threadless shirt, which, now that I look at it, I remember seeing it when it came out. I jotted down the idea for this illustration last week, and maybe subconsciously remembered this shirt? The similarities with the orange are uncanny.

Zach turned me on to this album a few months ago, and it’s awesome to finally put a face to the voice.

Really great music video for “Lover In The Snow” by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. This track is my favorite from the album.

I made my second emulsion based silk screen this weekend, and am very happy with the results. The precision and quality of the prints are light years ahead of my old method, and I'm now comfortable enough with the process to make a real project with it.

A photograph of the words I Miss Her
The first time I had my heart broken by a girl I knew it was coming. I went into the bathroom at the restaurant we were at and wrote "It's all ending" in black marker on the wall. It was melodramatic and bizarrely therapeutic, as I imagine the writing on this wall was.
My friend Justin created this great site for making digital mixtapes. Here is the one I whipped up. Click on the track title to start the music, and it will cycle through the songs. Try listening to it without skipping ahead, or looking at what song is coming next.

Drawing of a monster named Franklin wearing a sweater

Photo of a beach in Rochester, NY

Drawing of a Toyota Prius

New Raconteurs Album: Consolers of the Lonely

Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend and Andrew Kalaidjian as L`Homme Run
Before he was in Vampire Weekend, lead singer Ezra Koenig was in a rap duo called L`Homme Run.

I saw two famous people today. Demetri Martin getting on the L train and John Malkovich getting in a car with his family. At both encounters there was a split second reaction of “Whoa! A friend of mine. I should say hi.” Immediately followed by an abrupt realization that this person is not my friend, but a complete stranger. It dawned on me that the danger of celebrity arises when that second realization doesn’t hit.

-Brian Eno From a talk between Will Wright and Brian Eno that I have on my iPod. Every few months I go back and listen to it. Near the end Eno talks about how we try to extrapolate a lot of information from small choices people make in their physical appearance. Likewise, you embed information about your own lifestyle, or perhaps a lifestyle you wish you had, in the clothes and style you adopt.

Installation by Takashi Murakami
Murakami exhibit opens at the Brooklyn Museum this Saturday.

- Jay-Z

Watched The Point last night. It was bizarre and wonderful.

photomicrography by Michael Franklin
I was given a microscope a little over a year ago and was frustrated that I couldn't save images of the things I saw in it. Michael Franklin, who has access to some incredible equipment, posts wonderful photomicrography on Flickr. She goes to RIT in upstate New York (where I went), and studies Biomedical Photography.

Colorful shipping crates
via gt mcknight

The band Lullatone
Found out about Lullatone today.

Frame from illustration Science Machine by Chad Pugh
Chad Pugh creates Science Machine. I've only hung around Chad a handful of times, but I have a great amount of respect for him. Artists with this sort of patience and skill within the internet landscape are few and far between.

Sketch of two people by artist Egon Schiele
Egon Schiele

Little Sweets illustration by the Royal Art Lodge artist collective
Little Sweets by the Royal Art Lodge
These are fucking great.

Alphabet blocks by illustrator Lauren Nassef
By Lauren Nassef, who has an amazing drawing a day series.

Sketches from my visit to Wake Forest University

“The less the men know about the making of laws and sausages, the better they sleep in the night.”
— Otto von Bismarck (via)

Tequila flask shaped like a handgun
(via notcot)

MONTANAS by Antoine Doury

Free dinosaur prints!

I printed a ton of these dinosaurs a few weeks ago as test prints and now have a big stack of them sitting around. I figured they were a little too silly to sell legitimately, so I want to give them away to anyone who wants one.

You can also upgrayedd to a hand painted version for a few bucks.

To learn about the project that these were tests for, sign up to the mailing list at intergalactic shop.


The Fallen | The New York Times | Photographs by Paul Fusco.

This is great. (via noahkalina)

It's a hot one out today.

I caught myself wondering if I'll still have a blog in 20 or so years, when I have a kid. Will I write a blog entry after I give him 'the talk' about sex?

“ Gave the boy a sex talk today. It ROCKED! I nailed it.” (illustration of what happened)

Will he write one too?
“Dad gave me the sex talk today... what a loser. I'm having unprotected, future sex tonight. He sucks at drawing too. Ughhh.”

Will the internet evolve to account for this? Will it not, and force the two of us to know what the other is thinking? Will this benefit society? Will it hurt society?

Around the time schools start to have final exams, ever since that thing happened, I began getting a handful of emails like this one:

Hello, my name's Florence and I live in France, in a little town near Paris. The other day, I had an oral exam in English, and a part of the exam was the analysis of an "unknown document"... which happened to be the poster you did on November 4th, 2007 "I saw the girl of my dreams..." So I analysed it and everything, and in the end I said "it's probably a fake document" and the teacher said "Actually, I think it's real..." So I checked it out for myself, and I must say I'm really impressed ! I didn't know guys still knew how to be romantic and respectful to women. Anyway, my mom's an English teacher too, and she found your poster pretty great, so she's going to give it to her pupils in class to study it...

It's very bizarre, crazy, cool to think that the story is being taught as a lesson in other countries. It's also interesting to see foreign perception's of Americans and the lessons chosen to represent the English language.

This is super neat. Imagine how a whole room like this would look. (via sarah goodreau)

My friend Bill in a Redwood forest. He’s driving cross country with his girlfriend and two other friends. I’m meeting up with them tomorrow for the last week of the trip.

New Girl Talk album, 'Feed the Animals'. Pay what you want pricing.

Last week I met up with friends Bill, Jessie, Meredith, and Andrew on their Western conquests. It was a great adventure, both enlightening and inspiring, and provided an unexpected perspective to look at life from.

Guys, thanks again for letting me tag along, it was a blast. A few photos from the journey are here.

About a month ago I offered up a bunch of free dinosaur prints I had made. I finally got them all sent this weekend.

Here's where they ended up. I hope they all arrive safe and sound. If you get one and want to send me a photo of you holding it, I won't object.

just a note: the photos of the prints look pretty bad. I hadn't looked at the actual prints in a while, and when I was putting them into the envelopes I was surprised how much better they look in person. Sorry again for the delay!

My good friends, and business partners, Bill Brown and Jessie Vogel were awarded a fellowship grant from Wake Forest University. The three of us started Stuffed Robot our freshman year and have been pursuing it at half steam ever since. This grant and the coming year provide us an opportunity to fully devote ourselves to the idea.

We had a big meeting last week to rethink how we want to go forward with the project, and it got me more excited than ever. I think we eliminated one of the largest creative constraints on the project, so I can't wait to see how things evolve.

Production blog for the "con man love story by the people who made Brick". Very exciting.
If you haven't seen Brick, I can't recommend it enough.

Until now I'd sort of been quiet about what happened with Camille because I loved the idea of people making their own endings to our unusual story. Recently Cam talked to some Melbourne papers, so I thought I'd say a few words.

Camille is one of the most kind and amazing people I've come across in my lifetime. It's sad things didn't work out, but you can't force these things, no matter what the circumstances. Despite that, the whole experience has been an incredible testament to the universal nature of love. As lame and idealistic as it sounds, the world could use more stories like ours.

As far as a movie or anything being made about it, we talked to a lot of people but in the end decided against it. I wrote and illustrated a little book based on the events, but I haven't decided what to do with it. I'm still really hesitant towards trying to capitalize off this event.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been emailing. It's becoming easier and easier to contact people from all over the world. Don't be afraid to take risks. Fuel your actions with love and you'd be amazed at what can happen.

Teaser for the David Byrne & Brian Eno documentary that accompanies the deluxe version of their album.

Click here to watch

Governing People

Hi-res version

Prints available here