One of my best friends in the whole world, Bill, his awesome girlfriend Jessie, and I started making and selling Stuffed Robots back in 2005. We started off with three original robot designs by Jessie and Bill, but the project has changed and evolved several times over the years and currently presents itself as follows:

We made a big batch of 100 Mellowtron robots, and came to the unexpected conclusion that these would be the last Mellowtrons we ever made. After them we'll make 100 of the final RoxyBots, and then 100 of AngryBot. What we end up making after that remains to be seen, which is super exciting. We've been doing a lot of experimenting with stuffed animals, and as soon as we find something we feel really strongly about, we'll see what happens.

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Scott Thomas, who was the Design Director of New Media for the Obama campaign, invited me to include my November 4, 2008 poster in an Obama inspired art show in Chicago. I’m psyched.

This was inspired by two very awesome friends named Eric and Yael. Shirts and prints available here.

Recent Projects

Photographer Noah Kalina asked his artist friends to remix his photos for the third issue of KALINA Magazine. These are a few of the B-Sides I ended up with. The image actually selected for the magazine is much different and better. REMIX is available here.

This is a photo of the late DJ AM wearing a shirt featuring art I drew last November in celebration of Obama's White House victory. As silly as it may sound, seeing someone wear an image I drew is always really affirming. Even when it's a close friend, and even when they're only wearing it because all their other shirts are dirty, there's something magical about it that makes me feel really good. To see someone like DJ AM, who is heralded as a taste maker, wearing one is rewarding in its own right.

The unfortunate part of this image is that I had nothing to do with the creation of the shirt. I've never agreed to any use of that image on any sort of apparel, but they're being sold (in two colors) by a company, that seems fairly reputable otherwise, for $25 a pop. Rather than post the company's info and attempt to slander their name, I'd like to find out their side of the story.

I've been told about a few other instances of misuse, but often feel helpless, resolve that I can't really do anything, and give up. I'm wondering if there's anyone out there who can advise me in the matter. Please feel free to email me if you, or anyone you know, might be able to help.

Thanks to Hugh for the heads up.

This is one of the best things I've personally overheard in New York. I was near my old apartment in Brooklyn Heights and right as I was turning the corner I heard her drunkenly spew, "I go to NYU, I’m smart as hell!" Shortly followed by the above quote. It was incredible.

I really want to draw a bunch of these from New York or elsewhere. Click herrrrrre if ya got any.

The New (Media) Workout Plan

Taken by Noah Kalina

For the most part twitter is a lot of useless noise, but every now and then it provides a glimpse into some truly exceptional lives.

I saw this guy near Union Square the other day, and nearly every person that walked past him had a smile on their face. As far as I could tell, he didn't have any sort of cup or hat for donations. He's either found exactly what makes him happy in life and he's doing it, or he's completely lost touch with reality.

Lessons from a Dog - My family never had a dog when I was younger, so I don't know a whole lot about them, but recently there's been a couple running around the office I work out of. Here's a couple things I've picked up on.

Internet Vices

Blood Spattered Holidays: Thanksgiving

Stuffed Robot introduces ROXYBOT - The next generation of rock and roll, Roxybot was designed to move the crowd. From power chords to sweep arpeggios, this female knows how to melt faces. However, glam rock is a cruel mistress, and the vivacious vixen fell from grace. Kindly give a home to this robot rocker.

I've been getting a bunch of requests for new prints, so I did a few small runs of some drawings about imaginary girls that were inspired by real ones. I’m really happy with how they turned out. Makes me want to do more. Also, there are only a couple LOVE prints left.

Prints here

Drawing of the day - Woody Allen

I'm going to be posting a drawing a day on twitter. Today's came very natural and quick, and it felt great. I love drawing well known people because as I'm looking for references, I get an extremely quick crash course into that person's life. It's amazing to see Woody Allen age decade after decade while continuing to make truly entertaining movies.